Jan 27, 2017


Is there an Age Requirement?

Generally, the ARTundressed Festival is for attendees who are 21 years or older. However, some venue may grant admission to 18+ for the exhibition and sometimes only between a set of hours. You must have a valid photo id with you for admission to the event.

What are the demographics of the attending guests?

The ARTundressed event attract the young, the middle-aged, the older folks, and everyone else in between who fall in the category of “Open-mindedness”. The collection of art is for everyone and the subject matter ranges from humorous to though-provoking, and covers all type of sexuality.

Is the event simply a nude art exhibition or is there more to it?

Although the art collection is top-notch, showcasing some of the world most renowned artists of the nude art form, a great amount of effort is spent on complimenting the 'visual arts' portion of the event with Outrageous Fashion and Tantalizing Entertainment including Top International Deejays, Live Music, and Sexy Performances. Attending the ARTundressed event is truly a memorable, interactive, and erogenous experience. Also, not to be missed is our Closing Party: The Good, The Bad, and The Naughty, a nightclub themed party to end the weekend festivities.

What is the type and quality of artworks being exhibited?

ARTundressed is coined as a 'Creative Nude Art Exhibition' based on the simple fact that, although the event encompasses a lot more attractions than just the art exhibition, the principal element of its essence is depicted by high-quality, unique, provocative and very creative work of art. The core of the exhibited talents is made-up of international artists and photographers who are winners of our annual art competition, curated virtually by prominent gallery owners, museums directors, and experienced art curators from all over the world.

The Festival exhibits a wide range of art medium covering: Fine Art, Photography, Digital Art, Sculptures, Mixed Media, Short Films, Performance Arts, Eros Poetry, Art installations, Live Photo Contest, Interactive Art, Vendors, and much more...

What about a CALL FOR ARTISTS… I would like to submit my art?

The Annual ARTundressed International Art Exhibition is opened to artists from all over the world. There is NO 'Theme' associated with the show since our focus is purely about 'Creative Nude Art'. Therefore, artists who are submitting their artworks for consideration into the exhibition should make sure that their work exert ALL four components of the ARTundressed artistic C.O.D.E. which stands for Creativity + Originality + Design (Depth) + Eroticism... The curators will evaluate each individual submission based on the combination of all these components and how they are mixed together to bring out the uniqueness, sensuality, creativity, and thought-provoking aspects of the artwork.

For more information on how ‘To Submit Your Art’ to be exhibited, please visit the respective link in the |INFO| menu of the site.

Are the exhibited artworks for sale?

But of course! The main purpose of the art exhibition part of The Festival is to provide exposure for all participating artists and help them to sell their art to an audience that appreciate their talents. Our staff would prefer not to repack and return these wonderful masterpieces back to their respective artists… So, we would greatly encourage enthusiasts to spice up their art collection or start one with some very unique, one-of-a-kind artworks at the ARTundressed Exhibition.

We will have knowledgeable sales staff to help you with your buying decisions, if interested in purchasing the art.

Are cameras or video recorders allowed at the event?

Still photography is only allowed by Press and Media Personnel with valid credentials and prior signed agreements and written permissions from ARTundressed. Photography of the event by the general public is NOT allowed. Video cameras are NOT allowed during any event. The organizer reserves the right to remove and/or deny further admission to the ARTundressed Event and/or to any or all of its events to anyone using a phone, or video camera, or any digital photo/video recording device, or a conventional film camera.

What should I wear to the Festival?

Basically, whatever you are comfortable wearing… The ARTundressed is all about freedom of expression, and what's a better way to do it than with fashion? There is definitely a lot that can be said with a chic, sexy styled attire. A picture is worth a thousand words (so they say!)... Well, at ARTundressed 'Fashion' is worth a thousand thoughts!!!

Be Daring, Be Bold, and Dress The Part!!!

Should I buy my tickets in advance?

Yes, Yes, and Yes… Not only, you will save a lot of money with our Early Birds (limited amount) and Pre-sold tickets, you will also enjoy many benefits of skipping lines, free drinks and most importantly the assurance of admission in case the event is sold out before Opening Day…

Click HERE to purchase your tickets online.

What is the advantage of a Weekend Pass vs Day Pass?

While some guests are able to attend only a single day during the weekend event, some will elect to take advantage of the discounted Weekend or All-inclusive Passes for many reasons, including a variety of entertainment and activities that are tailored for each day. In other words, the hanged artworks may be the same, but the crowd, entertainment, activities, performances, and overall presentation will be different daily.

I would like to volunteer, are there some perks?

Each volunteer will receive 1 complimentary All-inclusive VIP Pass for working at least one full (8 hour) shift. The VIP Pass is good for admission to all of the events, Art Exhibition and the Saturday Night Closing Party.

Where can I stay… Is there a Host Hotel?

The ARTundressed Event does not work directly with any host hotel or traveling agency. We provide a list of local hotels and accommodation websites only for referral or directory purposes. Your final booking decision is up to your liking!

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