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We are currently looking for participation from individual and group of artists in the ART INSTALLATIONS category to create interactive, sexy, large-scale art pieces to engage the audience. Also, Talents and Performers who are able to tantalize the psyche are invited to register now to perform in ARTundressed Orlando... Theatrical performances are most welcomed!

Please fill out the application below and make sure to include a website where we can evaluate your portfolio and/or your work. In addition, models and performers can upload their photos and/or videos on the second page of this registration form. Only the talents who have been selected will be contacted with further details and instructions.

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ATTENDING ARTUNDRESSED http://artundressed.com/attending-the-event-2/ http://artundressed.com/attending-the-event-2/#respond Sat, 11 Jun 2016 14:31:14 +0000 Although we used to post hotel recommendations on our website, we are now refraining to do so since the game has changed…  Nowadays, people are more in control of booking their accommodation through various online services.  Below are a few options for such companies.  However, if you would like to stay at a hotel, there are plenty in the area, and for that you can also use your computer or phone for websites or apps such as: Hotel.com; Expedia.com; Kayak.com; or Hotwire.com, just to name a few…


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CALL FOR ENTRIES http://artundressed.com/call-for-artists-2-2-2/ Mon, 11 Jan 2016 03:39:09 +0000 http://www.kozmikdesign.com/artundressed2017/?p=730 ARTundressed Orlando – Creative Nude Art Exhibition
Show Dates:
November 17 & 18, 2017 – Miami, Florida | USA

The CALL FOR ARTISTS is now closed for the following categories:
Fine Art | Photography | Digital Art | Sculpture* | Mixed Media

We are still accepting entries for the following categories until November 11, 2017
Art Installation | Interactive Art Presentation | Artistic Short Film and Videos | Literary Art (Poetry, Short Story)

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ARTundressed introduces its world renowed exhibition to the city of Orlando with a great selection of creative, sensual, thought-provoking work of art. The show is recognized and appreciated for it’s engaging aspects in exhibiting beautiful artworks that captivate the erogenous mind, but also incorporate interacting ideas that connect the audience both mentally and physically. We encourage our audience to get in the spirit of sensuality and express themselves with sexy, alluring and provocative fashion. Our entertainment and music crew will tantalize and tickle your sensual soul!

Although the atmosphere at ARTundressed circles around interaction with ideas and concepts that engage its attending audience, one of the most important aspects of the festival focuses greatly on the art selection process. ARTundressed attracts and exhibits skilled artists who are established and recognized; talented artists who are less popular; as well as junior and freshmen artists who are breaking through and providing a new perspective into the genre of creative nude art. For this show, we will present a reprise of some of our favorite art pieces, and a very impressive curated collection of work from local and international artists. The selection of art is chosen by knowledgeable art experts and curators from some of the world’s most prestigious art museums and galleries.

We do not restrict artists to work or be confined within any particular or specific theme. Instead, we want every interested mind to think freely and create interesting unique concepts. We want to see what we haven’t seen before and feel what we haven’t experienced before. In creating / submitting work, whether visual or performance art, please make sure to incorporate at the core of it the ARTundressed C.O.D.E., our acronym for CREATIVY – ORIGINALITY – DEPTH in DESIGN – EROTICISM… The fusion of these key criteria plays an important role in achieving an exceptional selection of unique artworks and talents, which in turn helps to set ARTundressed apart from other similar events.

A different theme each of the 2 days of the art exhibition, incorporating our audience to become actual performers… Our Sensual cast of talents will delight and tantalize all your erogenous spots.

*** Celebrating the sensual aspects in Art + Music + Fashion + Entertainment
*** Art Exhibition showcasing over 200 exceptional curated art pieces
*** A beautiful collection of highly creative sexy artworks that will titillate all of your senses
*** Various artists representing many different countries
*** Meet the Masters behind the art… Many participating artists will be in attendance
***Live shows and performances; Music; Amazing Visuals; Chic and Provocative Fashion
*** A packed lineup of talents and performers that will entertain you and virtually connect to your erogenous spots
*** Art Installations and participation by local, national, and international artists who specialize in nude art
*** Art contests for Body Painting; Live Drawing and Photoshoot Sessions
*** Bar Service for beverages and cocktails
*** Friday Night Theme: “Dirty Canvas”, a glow light interactive art experience where you are the canvas and also the artist.
*** Saturday Night Theme: “Bound”, A Fetish Themed Party…  Leather UP!



DRIP – 8747 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

>> 6:00pm – 12:00am — Official Exhibiting Hours (and Entertainment)
>> 7:00pm – 11:00pm — Bodypainting Competition (Live!)
>> 11:00pm – 2:00am — Dirty Canvas (A Suggested Nude Body Art Party)

>> 6:00pm – 12:00am — Official Exhibiting Hours (and Entertainment)
>>7:00pm – 11:00pm — Nude Photography Competition (Live!)
>> 11:00pm – 2:00am — Bound (A Fetish Themed Experiment)…  You are encouraged to ‘Leather Up!’

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