Divine Va-gi-na

DIVINE VA-GI-NA is a Micro Theater ~Art Performance Installation~

Presenting an excerpt from the Audio Book “Undressed Virgin. The Message”

by Artist Chía Ortegón~Alchemy Artista

Artist BIO

Ortegón has produced an important Body of Artworks among murals, large to small paintings, art installations, fashion designs, photographs and mix media. She is also a Performer and screen writer. This artist is also the creator of “Painting with your 2 hands in Unison” an Art therapy protocol.

Chía Ortegón is a prolific renaissance Artist born in Bogotá, Colombia.

Chía studied Art in Florence, Italy with renown private tutors Daniel' de Angeli -Classical Watercolor- and Simona Dolci -Master oil painter-

Her art collections have been shown at international level in museums, art galleries and prestigious international fairs such as Art Basel, Miami.

Ortegón has produced the majority of her body of art in Miami, FL, her adopted home city. "My female body feels so connected with nature here, I love the vibrancy of the colors and the intense contrast between shadows and light...The ocean is like a magnificent womb creator of life, a giver mother. My senses stay activated.  " -Chía. 

Her art collections explored her unique alchemical journey as Modern Mystic.