The Do's & Dont's


    • By entering any of the venues where the ARTundressed Events are being held, and/or attending any of the scheduled events, attendees agree that the organizer, its staff, its temporary employees, all associated venues and Event Sponsors are not responsible or liable for any claim, action, damages, costs or other expenses including, but not limited to, personal injury, wrongful death, or property damage suffered by any visitors or attendees during the course of the ARTundressed Event.

    • Still photography is only allowed by Press and Media Personnel with valid credentials and prior signed agreements and written permissions from ARTundressed. Photography of the event by the general public is NOT allowed. Video cameras are NOT allowed during any ARTundressed events. The organizer reserves the right to remove and/or deny further admission to the ARTundressed Event and/or to any or all of its events to anyone using a phone, or video camera, or any digital photo/video recording device, or a conventional film camera. Models reserve the right to deny any person an opportunity to take their photograph. If anyone wishes to photograph a model, they must ask that model or her authorized representative for permission to do so in advance. The only exception to this rule is if it has been announced that photography of certain models are allowed in a designated area. Please always respect a model's privacy. Attending the convention does not imply that all models wish to be photographed. Attending models reserve the right to decide whether or not they will participate in any nude themed events or photo shoots while at the ARTundressed Event. Models are personally responsible for their own welfare and safety. Models are encouraged to report any problems they encounter with photographers, producers, and/or fans to the organizer or a representative of the event.

      Neither the Organizer, its staff, its members, nor venues, the sponsors of the exhibition or any exhibition-related events shall be responsible or liable for any claims, actions, damages, costs or expenses arising out of any transaction or occurrence that takes place in a private hotel room or at private parties.

      Models entering into agreements to be photographed privately are strongly encouraged to check the references of the person they are dealing with, to have someone they know and trust with them during any private or contest photoshoot, and to resolve all issues before beginning a private or contest photoshoot.

    • Any person who appears to be under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs will be denied entry or escorted out of the event.

    • Everyone who have purchased a VIP (all-inclusive) package will receive a customized VIP wrist bands, which they must always wear when they are attending any of the ARTundressed events. If you are giving a laminate badge, you must always carry a valid picture identification with you at all times to verify ownership of your assigned badge.

      In addition, your badges or secured wristbands must be presented to the security personnel of the event upon request when entering special designated areas, or the exhibition areas. The wristbands and/or badges may not be passed on to other people. They are only good for the person they are originally assigned or given to. Violators will be denied access to the entire Event.

    • The organizer reserves the right to remove and/or deny admission to the ARTundressed Exhbitions and/or to any or all of its events if it is reasonably believed that a person is disruptive or presents a danger to the well being of the other attendees at the ARTundressed Event or any events in connection with it.

    • We would like to explicitly point out and reiterate that all audio, or video, or photographic material recorded within the exhibition hall and party area are prohibited without the written consent of the organizer. Usage agreements must be signed between the organizer and approved media and press personnel before allowed to publish any photographic or video materials obtained in any of the ARTundressed Exhibition events. Violations of this rule will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The only exception is private or contest photo shoots with models. Here, written consent or release by the model is sufficient for publishing. The organizer reserves the right to prohibit the publication of material if potential casual bystanders can be recognized.

    • Although we do not have much of a restriction on Dresscode (unless specified for a particular event), we still would like to point out some important guidelines. We do want to encourage self-expression and individualism in Fashion Styles. However, one must not step over the boundaries of what could be overly offensive to others or considered unlawful public display. Therefore, the following Exhibition dress and code of conduct shall be strictly enforced:

            • No nudity except for the performances in the context of the show program
                • Exposed breasts with covered nipples only
                    • Event attendees wishing to attend the Exhibition in appropriate fetish like attire are encouraged to wear non-provocative attire, if using public transportation or walking long distance outside the event locations. There will be a location designated for wardrobe switch inside the ARTundressed Event main areas. Please use your discretion because although we would like for the whole world to be an open-minded and accepting society, this is not in fact the case and we still would like to keep a good working relationship with the City. We definitely don't want to burn any bridges, but instead we would like the city officials to receive us with opened arms in the years to follow.

                  ARTundressed reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone found in violations of the above rules. This determination will be made at the discretion of the organizer. Furthermore, absolutely no refund on previously paid fees or purchased tickets.

                • The organizer reserves the right to alter, add, or modify any and/or all of these general rules.

                • Furthermore, the general rules of the Code Compliance Department of the City are in effect.