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ARTundressed... Re-Imagined!!!

Your Creative Nude Art Exhibition

The ARTundressed event has been reformulated in order to create a very innovative production that sets it apart of your typical Nude Art Exhibitions. We are delighted to partner up with M3DVR, an amazing VR & AR companies that create worlds to be explored without limits with their advanced Virtual Reality Technology. Their participation allows the audience to journey into many different virtual erogenous worlds that can be experienced at the actual, physical exhibition or at home/office in the comfort of a couch or lazy chair.


What To Expect From The Physical Event...

Throughout the ARTundressed event space, participating artists will be able to display their physical work exactly as they would in a traditional art gallery space. However, each of these physical works would have a high-detailed virtual scan (or digital twin) associated with them and viewable alongside them. These digital twins could be presented in numerous ways (for example, small screens or hologram technologies), but would be best viewable via an AR experience in-which attendees could view, or interact with, the digital twins in real time as they visit the artists' spaces. These three-dimensional digital twins could contain any amount of information about the artist, the piece itself, and how it was created. These digital twins of the physical artworks, granted with artist permission and participation, could be used to create a unique NFT (non-fungible token) for each physical art piece. An NFT would allow the artist and buyer to digitally prove and validate ownership of the physical artwork as well as display that ownership in a unique digital way.

Finally, we would be looking for some portion of the participating artists and performers to create a unique work for the event in real time, using a combination of physical and digital art techniques. The purpose would be to auction off the works for charity at the conclusion of the ARTundressed Event.

Virtual Reality

What To Expect From The Virtual Event...

For those who cannot attend the Art Gala event in person, but would still like to participate, the Gala will be offering a web-based video stream as well as an intimate and immersive VR livestream experience. The VR experience will be hosted and streamed using proprietary hardware & software developed by Immertec, a Tampa-based company specializing in the VR streaming of high-quality, interactive medical training events. Not only can Immertec's technology platform stream a real-time feed of the physical Art Gala location into VR, but it is capable of overlaying up to 16 other video and live-data streams simultaneously, allowing for participants to select which video streams they'd like to watch, or which data overlay they'd like to view - all in real-time. In addition, live streaming Immertec's platform allows participants to interact with participating artists or live event participants. This could be used to setup Q&A style panels, key-notes, and allow for a rotating series of featured artists and/or digital assets. The Event location (VU Studios Orlando) will also be digitally scanned to create a three-dimensional twin of the event - available for viewing after the conclusion of the live event.

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Get ready to experience art in ways that you haven’t done before at our unforgettable Art Gala. With the help of VR and AR technology, you can experience the show in a multi-verse setting. Come to refresh your erogenous mind of what it means to live life freely and enjoy all the beautiful thoughts that are YOU…


Event Location —
9460 Delegates Drive
Suite 100
Orlando, Florida 32837


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