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We invite you to become a key partner in our upcoming event, where innovation, creativity, and inspiration converge. As a sponsor, you'll not only gain valuable exposure to a diverse and engaged audience but also play a pivotal role in shaping an unforgettable experience. With tailored sponsorship packages, your brand will stand out, and your commitment to fostering a vibrant community will shine. Together, we'll create a lasting impact and set the stage for a memorable event. Join us, and let's write this success story together

Sponsorship Benefits

Become a Sponsor and Elevate Your Brand with ARTundressed

As a Sponsor at ARTundressed, your brand takes center stage, and you'll experience unparalleled exposure and impact. This unique partnership ensures a host of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Featured / Presenting Sponsor: Your brand will share top billing with Erotic Signature in all event branding. Be recognized as an integral part of this exciting weekend-long celebration.
  • Brand Retention: Design and develop respective programs to create participation and engagement, and solidify your brand with memorable experiences
  • Massive Visibility: Enjoy the spotlight with your logo prominently displayed on professionally designed flyers and posters as an event's sponsor. Your name and logo will also feature prominently in newspapers, magazines, and across various media outlets, depending on your level of Sponsorship.
  • Showcase Your Products: Take advantage of product sampling and display opportunities at the event. As a presenting sponsor, you'll have first pick of kiosk placements, ensuring maximum visibility.
  • Exclusive EPK Feature: An exclusive 2-minute Electronic Press Kit (EPK) will be created, showcasing your brand as the presenting sponsor. This EPK will receive the most extensive coverage within content and will be distributed to ARTundressed and its partners' substantial email subscriber lists.
  • Media Spotlight: Our team will work closely with editors and photographers from magazines and newspapers to ensure you receive the most prominent placement in published ads covering the event. Signage in highly visible areas will further ensure media coverage.
  • Online and Offline Presence: Enjoy logo and banner placement at the top of e-newsletters as a co-presenter, and your branding will feature throughout the video loop projected in various event areas.
  • Online Promotion: Receive a custom button and portal on the ARTundressed and partners websites. Your company's website will be linked from all sites, before and after the event.
  • T-shirt and Baby Tee Branding: All event T-shirts and baby tees will display sponsor logos, with the presenting sponsor receiving top billing. These shirts will be included in gift bags and distributed to all artists, media, and press.
  • Radio Presence: Your brand will also be highlighted in all radio ads for the event.
  • Email Promotion: Hyper-link and a brief company description in our e-newsletters.
  • VIP Experience: As a presenting sponsor, enjoy exclusive presence in the filming and photography press area, exclusive product placement, and marketing signage at the venue. Your VIP laminate will grant front placement of your name/logo, ensuring you're noticed.
  • Exclusive Access: Receive VIP tickets for access to VIP areas for all weekend events.

Don't miss the opportunity to sponsor the ARTundressed event and elevate your brand to new heights. Join us in making this event a grand success while securing exceptional benefits for your brand's visibility and prestige.

If you would like to become a Sponsor, click [HERE] to submit your request.

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Get ready to experience art in ways that you haven’t done before at our unforgettable Art Gala. With the help of VR and AR technology, you can experience the show in a multi-verse setting. Come to refresh your erogenous mind of what it means to live life freely and enjoy all the beautiful thoughts that are YOU…


Event Location —
9460 Delegates Drive
Suite 100
Orlando, Florida 32837


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