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Reverie On The Senses

A Journey Through Immersive Nude Art

Welcome, art enthusiasts, to ARTundressed :: Reverie On The Senses: An Immersive Creative Nude Art Exhibition." Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey that explores the profound beauty of the human form through an exquisite blend of traditional and cutting-edge art forms. In this captivating showcase, we invite you to awaken your senses and delve into the very essence of the human experience.

Throughout your journey at the ARTundressed exhibition, you'll relish an eclectic collection that spans the realms of fine art, photography, sculptures, art installations, digital creations, and mesmerizing mixed media works. Each piece, carefully curated to resonate with the exhibition's theme, encapsulates the human body's raw vulnerability and limitless beauty.

Immerse yourself in the tangible realm of traditional artistry, where masterful strokes and delicate details adorn canvases that come to life before your eyes. Stand before sculptures that seem to breathe with an exquisite rhythm of their own, capturing the ethereal nature of the human spirit. Wander through art installations that transcend boundaries, weaving intricate narratives that unfold as you explore each mesmerizing facet.

Taking You To Another Dimension...

Are you ready? Begin immersion...

Brace yourself for an unparalleled experience as we delve into the realm of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, where the boundaries of reality merge and dissolve. Donning your VR headsets and wielding your AR devices, you will be transported to a world where the human form transcends the constraints of time and space.

Through Virtual Reality, you will find yourself standing side-by-side with the artists in their studios, witnessing their creative process in real-time. Feel the pulse of their artistic vision as they transform the human body into an exquisite symphony of colors, textures, and emotions. Step into their world, where every brushstroke and sculpting touch is a testament to the artists' intimate connection with their subject.

Augmented Reality will extend this immersive experience even further, unveiling hidden layers of symbolism, historical context, and the untold stories behind each artwork. Engage with the art on a deeper level as digital overlays enrich your understanding and appreciation, adding new dimensions to the narrative that unfolds before your eyes.


A Stroke Of Erogenous Thoughts

Creative Nude Art is not about bearing it all...
It's a reflection on the state of mind...

Tifany Chapman


Crimson Rose


Coyote Deville

The Nude Magician

Michele Lacy

Belly Dancer

Deiter Pilam

Shibari Master
Who's Who...

Our Featured

The selection process for the Participating Artists in the ARTundressed Art Exhibition is done very meticulously to assure that only the most creative and erogenous artworks are presented to our audience.  We take great pride in exhibiting some of the world’s best artists and talents creating beautiful masterpieces in the nude art genre.


Visual Art

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Mixed Media

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Johnov Art – Boston, Massachussetts

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Janeov Art – Austin, Texas

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Get ready to experience art in ways that you haven’t done before at our unforgettable Art Gala. With the help of VR and AR technology, you can experience the show in a multi-verse setting. Come to refresh your erogenous mind of what it means to live life freely and enjoy all the beautiful thoughts that are YOU…


Event Location —
9460 Delegates Drive
Suite 100
Orlando, Florida 32837


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